Eliminate stereotypes in education and professional life that give rise to differences in the employment of women and men in the industrial field, and particularly in the foundry sector.

Increase the representation of women in the foundry sector, by improved opportunities for young women referring their inclusion, employability and economic security.

Improved motivation for young women to consider non-traditional careers in foundry sector giving visibility to the professionals who work in the foundry and in traditionally "masculinized" professions. Make visible feminine referents.

Contribute to decrease the existing professional and sectoral segregation in the foundry sector, recognizing and mobilizing women's technical skills and abilities.

Increase the number of women in industrial and technological VET studies, making it easier for girls to discover the numerous learning and training opportunities related to KET.

To support VET trainers and career guidance facilitators get resources and training material to attract young women to the foundry sector, and in general, to the industrial sector, by changing the attitudes towards equality in employment and KETs learning.

To help the industrial companies and foundries to have qualified workers, no matter the gender issue.