Role models: Positive female role models in the foundry sector

Inspiring stories As role models are used the most innovative female and change agents in the partners countries. By using real women, that meet specific challenges in their work within the foundries, the elaborated models provide easy understandable, very practical and well-organized structure of the components of their work, and clear picture on what set of skills are important and needed to be improved to ensure the success and sustainability of their jobs.

Digital toolkit

The CASTWOMAN toolkit contains different resources to be used directly by VET students and professionals (training staff, counselor and career facilitator), as well as other learning institutions for career guidance purposes. The aim is to awaken the interest of young people, and especially girls, in the foundry sector (and the industry in general) by breaking gender stereotypes and facilitating career planning for young women.

Included in the CASTWOMAN Toolkit are:

  • A personality and career test, which helps in guiding the general planning of studies
  • Main technological trends in the foundry sector and future jobs in Spain, Portugal and Turkey
  • Learning dynamics to help change and break gender stereotypes
  • Different labor strategies on gender inclusion in the foundry sector