Hanife Sezer


Can Metal Injection Casting Inc. Bursa/Turkey

Hanife Sezer

The job

I entered the casting industry (coincidence), but I wanted and liked this job (consciously). I have been working in this sector for 5 years. My job is hard and tiring, but enjoyable. I work in every department when necessary such as cnc, surface treatment, sandblasting, and injection.


I am a primary school graduate (my biggest regret ...). Being practice helps me to work. Besides vocational courses in the workplace, I received training on first aid, occupational safety training, fire drill, etc. We receive training before starting work.

The motivation

My job brings new knowledge and friendships personally and socially. Working in a male-dominated job is not difficult. They come and show me when I want to learn. Since I am a woman, I do not see any difference in my relationships with colleagues. In the casting (injection) sector, men have also become accustomed to working with women, because women are capable. I have never had to show more than I know ...

I usually participate in social activities other than working with other colleagues. I have good relations with middle management or management. I don't think working with men prompts me to develop more aggressive, tough, competitive attitudes. Actually, this is my character.

The challenges

Other companies do not dare to employ women, as it is a male job. They can take courage from us. I do not see any difference in my job. I love working. I never thought I would have more or less hassle than men at my job. My family supported me to work on this job, but ultimately it is my own choice. Those who are unfamiliar in the sector around me do not know much, and those who know the nature of the business are surprised that I am working in this sector.

I think men are more in demand in the foundry sector, but women are more adaptable. Sometimes, in various situations, I think I am more or less discriminated against since I am a woman.

The success

I am satisfied with the opportunities provided by my current job, and I earn what I deserve. I work hard for my success. I don't have an approach to finish my 8 hours and go home. I think this approach brings success. .

I do not think there is a significant difficulty in this job. Sometimes psychologically I can come beyond it. Of course, all people should love working. However, women are magnificent in this respect, especially Turkish women.