Hamide Battal

Surface treatment operator

Can Metal Injection Casting Inc. Bursa/Turkey

Hamide Battal

The job

I am a surface treatment operator. I level the parts from the casting. I am in Can Metal for the last 4.5 years and I am incredibly happy. Working in heavy industry was always my dream.


I received non - formal education and also, received training in the workplace related to machines we use. I do not have any other certificates. Including this period of getting used to working, we continue our seminars for the job. After these seminars, I improved my work more in practice.

The motivation

I am proud of working for Can Metal. I can stand on my own legs here. I used to work in the food sector, and I wished to work in the heavy industry a lot. Her has been a place where I can express myself better. I have two kids that I have to take care of. I am a mother, a father, the head of the household and businesswoman. It makes me proud; I feel so powerful. I love working and my colleagues.

The challenges

I only had difficulty until I got used to work. I had no problems after getting used to it. Our employers help us. The difficulty is only until the body gets used to it. We do the same with men so se work with men on equal terms, of course we get help with things that require body strength, but it's not difficult for us. Men work normally. Women work extraordinarily. Women work with zero errors. We will be sorry if the goods we produce come back. That's why we, as women, work very carefully and If d attentive. One carefully, it's very easy.

The success

This job brings me financial freedom. It makes my living conditions better. It also gives me a return as self-confidence, I feel freer and more confident. I work here to provide a much better future for myself and my children and I want to continue working. My expectation from the future is to work healthy and happy until I retire. If I had the chance to choose again, I would do this again.

My expectation from foundries is to motivate their employees and thus work more efficiently. I do not think of a necessary cultural change in the casting industry.

I would also recommend it to other women because of the possibilities my workplace provides. As a woman working in this job, my biggest advice is self-confidence. Both women and men should be confident and say they can do it. I have had no experience or support when I hold onto life alone. I only had children with me, but I didn't give up. If I can, anyone can achieve it. My advice is that you should love what we do. Every job done with love will be rewarded. Do not give up.