Kiymet Kılık

Injection operator in automotive spare parts production

Can Metal Injection Casting Inc. Bursa/Turkey

Kiymet Kılık

The job

I coincidentally started working in this sector as I needed a new job. I was 40 when I started. I am an automotive spare parts injection operator. We produce spare parts for cars. I learned this job and do my job willingly and fondly. After starting work, our manager gave us a different machine every day and taught us all the jobs. At that time, we were getting angry. But now we are fortunate to learn by working on each machine separately. I am currently working on injection. But I can also work in surface treatment and sandblasting.


I am a primary school graduate and do not have a certificate. I saw, learned, researched, asked, wondered. I was not trained before in the technology I use at work. I learned by doing it in practice. We also took occupational health safety and firefighting guidance courses. It was collective training, but it was especially useful.

The motivation

The factor that motivates me is the appreciation of my work. I love my job, sometimes it gets tiring, but I can handle it. I think this work requires determination and curiosity first. However, these are not sufficient alone, education and learning are also required. When I first started, they said “you can't do it”, “this is heavy industry, heavy and hard work”. They said “find an easier job!”. But now they got used to it. They see what I can do, and they respect me. Of course, if I can, my friends can. Let them believe what they can do first. Let them observe the surrounding and the work they will do. Let them put their jobs in order. Let them convince themselves that they can do better (persuade).

The challenges

Technical professions are difficult and require patience as they are generally heavy industries. That's why women don't prefer it. But all women can do what I do. Any woman who sees is sane can do it. May they be strong. Let them not admit defeat from the beginning. If they want, they can achieve anything. Let them be observers. When they can't do it, they can ask for help. Learn the practice of the work. Being a fast worker is also important. They should be careful.

At my workplace, as a woman, they were a bit strange at first, but they were used to us, we were also used to them. Since I am a woman, I sometimes see a difference. We've made a little more effort to show ourselves, of course, because they trust men right from the start that they can. I think there is no job that women cannot do if they are supported. Women are mothers, wives, educators, and supporters. They can look in more detail and are meticulous.

The success

I work for my success. I take care to be careful. It provides various personal and social advantages in my work. I am confident I saw that I can achieve everything when I want. I am getting along better with people. I can say "I exist too”.

I am observant and confident which makes me successful. I say I can overcome this. I have the sleight of hand. I take what is useful for myself from what I see and hear, I try to do what I see in the right place. I am patient, I am determined, I like learning something, so I am successful.