Isabel Pinho

Finishing operator

Schmidt Light Metal Group/Portugal

Isabel Pinho


The job

My responsibility is to carry out the work inherent in the final finishing operation of the parts, where visual control, filing of the parts and packaging are extremely important in order to guarantee the quality required by the customer. I started my journey at the company at the age of 49 and since then I feel that it is my second home. I feel integrated from the first day by the whole team, from colleagues to managers. They always respected me regardless of age and / or gender.


Formal education: 9th grade (minimum compulsory education)
Courses, certificates: geriatrics (previously worked in a nursing home)
Skills: A finishing operator must be a multipurpose and proactive, thorough and observant collaborator so as not to miss any defect that a particular piece may have. It must have a strong capacity for adaptation, since each reference has its own characteristics.

The motivation

The first big motivation is the need factor because you need to pay the bills at the end of the month. Comfort and stability come from knowing what we can count on. We have another security when we consider buying an extra, for example. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to fight to be able to stay in a company in which, in addition to paying correctly, has an excellent working environment. At my age, I feel that few companies would give me this opportunity, not least because before working at SLM, I heard several “no's” from other organizations. It is for this reason that I love what I do and do not feel that it is a sacrifice to work in a place where values ​​are the foundation of the company and are highlighted in the way it operates.

The challenges

As for the fact that I work with men, I see the situation as a positive aspect, not least because I am of the opinion that men are more understanding and as co-workers, they have always respected me immensely.

The success

In fact, that is harder work, but with dedication and interest / will everything is learned and work is done well. I would advise any woman to work in this company, because like me, they would adapt very well.