Liliana Gomes

Quality control assistant


Liliana Gomes

The job

I started working at Eurocast at the age of 37 and entered directly into the quality sector, where I do parts and RX control in the field. On the ground detecting anomalies / defects visible on the part, on the RX detecting defects inside the part. Initially I had some difficulties, because everything was new to me. I had a lot of support from colleagues who gave me the training and from the bosses too. As I like to learn and there is always someone available to explain / clarify any doubts or difficulties that arise, it becomes easier to perform my duties.


Formal education: 11th grade
Courses, certificates: Informatics, Communication, First aid, Safety and health at work
The diploma of not knowing what you are doing is of no use, the most important being the skills of each person. We must be motivated professionals, with a vision for innovation and the achievement of objectives, have an excellent communication and interpersonal skills and a high sense of responsibility and proactivity. I have user skills, but I must always be prepared for the evolution of digital skills and beyond. I think that the introduction of new technologies, digitization, robotics in the company would make the company more productive and profitable. I understand that many jobs would be destroyed, but in return many more would be created.

The motivation

Motivation goes hand in hand with the performance of each person in our functions. Nobody is perfect, but when I feel like I'm doing a good job, it gives me motivation to continue the good performance.

The challenges

As a woman working with men, I think the biggest challenge is for men to think that because I am a woman, I have no knowledge or understanding of the role, although in this company I have not yet felt that.

The success

I do not feel sacrificed, because I like what I do, and in my case, my working hours allow me to reconcile both functions (work and personal), which means that I play my part in both parts. Success is achieved through work and experience, I always have this perception, as it helps me to obtain qualities and to see which points to improve. I strongly recommend women to apply for this type of work, as they have the same abilities, sometimes if not more, than men. In this type of activity, women have to claim the spaces they can and must occupy, showing that they are also capable.