Carla Sofia de Pinho

Laboratory assistant

Schmidt Light Metal Group/Portugal

Carla Sofia de Pinho


The job

I work at LAP (Particle Analysis Laboratory), I do the whole process of washing parts, analyzing the particles under the microscope according to the client's specification. For working in a foundry, in addition to all the family support, I had support from my co-workers and my boss, as well as all the training necessary to be able to do my job successfully.


Formal education: Compulsory education (12th grade)

Courses, certificates: Level 4

Administrative Technician Skills: A laboratory assistant must have knowledge of general and customer standards, know how to work with the equipment that is part of the whole process and finally know how to analyze the results according to specifications. Beside it is ipmportant to know how to work under pressure, to have good interpersonal skills, flexibility, resilience, to be proactive.

The motivation

I want to be better every day, show that women are able to succeed in a traditionally male industry and feel that my effort and work are valued.

The challenges

What challenges you meet working in male dominated environment?
Having to show every day that we are quite capable of doing any task with the same determination and professionalism as they do.

Why you would recommend your job to other women?
Yes, no doubt. Because it is a challenging job and we are constantly learning

Some practical advice (tips) to other women to help them to enter in this field / activity?
Being resilient, being strong, having a great desire to learn, knowing how to deal well with the fact that they work with many men, having the will to show what they are worth, always giving the best in what they do because it is really a challenging job.

The success

Becoming successful involves lots of willpower, resilience, working hard, doing our best in everything we do and above all enjoying our work. As it is a job of constant learning, I feel that every day I evolve a little and it is also a job in which women are able to show that they are capable of performing any task as well as a man.