Ainhoa Goiria

Responsible for core making and green molding


Ainhoa Goiria


The job

I started at the foundry when I was 24 years old, making a substitution in the laboratory. Later I went to the core making section as an operator. Two years later I became responsible for the section. At the moment I am still responsible for core making and I also work in green molding as responsible. Managing and controlling the work of the people who work in the section, necessary raw materials to carry out the work.

Both from home and in the company, they have supported me to continue working and even giving me the opportunity to advance my professional career.


Superior Technician in Analysis and Control

Intermediate Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention

Foundry technical training course (Inasmet 2009)

Advanced course in Production and Operations Management

The motivation

The important thing to carry out a job successfully is to get involved in it and have a good team of people around, luckily, I have a team that I can trust and can support when I need it. It is important to train continuously and have a little ambition to improve and improve.

The challenges

The world of foundry seems to me to be little known and can give you a lot of knowledge. To do any job, you need commitment, and in my case, even availability to work shifts and be available even when you are not in the company. It has given me the opportunity to advance professionally and be able to meet people, materials, defects or products that I didn’t know that could be made by casting.

The success

For my part I believe that although by default people believe that the foundry is a man's world, a woman can do any job. In fact, in our company there are women in almost all sections, especially in the core making section, even though this is a section that requires physical work, since people work at the machine and manipulate weights.