Maider Larrinaga

Nodular foundry


Maider Larrinaga


The job

Chemical Laboratory: (1-Analyze the oven and correction medals 2-Analyze the medals of each spoon during the process of both mechanical molding as well as chemical molding.)

Mechanical Laboratory: (Mechanize tensile specimens every day material and / or pieces according to customer requirements.)

Micrographs of the pieces of pieces, according to the client's requirement.

She was 21 years old when she started at the foundry.

All supports, learning both mechanically with the help of experts in each process, and in workshops.  


3rd BUP.
Clinical Assistant.
B2 from Euskera.
Nodular Iron Training Course. (Association of Smelters Basque Country and Navarra).
Laboratory course. (Hobetuz).
Certificate of use in the Laboratory and Non-Destructive Testing. (Furesa)
Diploma of Interpretation of CNC Lathes Programs at Siemens.
Conflict management. (Fondo Formación Euskadi, S.L.L)
Certificate Technical Training in Foundry. (FEAF).
Sand Granulometry Course.

The challenges

Overcoming me day by day, is a job, that no day is the same as the other and you keep learning more and more.

I made the sacrifices when my daughter was little, not being able to be in many moments.


The salary, that I live in the same town and that I have the same vacations as my husband, were essential to decide to stay personally.

Private medical insurance and an incentive if specific goals are achieved.

Things have changed a lot since I entered, it had to be shown every day, that we were willing to fulfill what was required of us and a little more, but today, the jobs are not as much effort as before and society It has changed a lot, I don't think anyone has problems with women being incorporated into the foundry, on the contrary, I think it creates a much less rough environment.

For the independence that having a job in general creates.