María Cano Lejardi

Planning and monitoring of the Process

Fundiciones San Antonio de Urkiola S.L./SPAIN

María Cano Lejardi


The job

Work description:
Planning and monitoring of the casting process from its initial stage (model arrival) to delivery of the finished product to the client.

Foundry activity start age: 38

Support received:
Initially, support from Temporary Employment Office “Adecco”, considering that it was suitable for the functions required by Funsan (they needed a person to work in Administration) and they transmitted it to this company.
After 4 years, unconditional support from my superiors to face a new challenge and perform planning functions, monitoring of the casting process and commercial tasks for the client.
During my working life I have received a lot of support from colleagues and superiors to be able to carry out almost all kinds of tasks within the company, such as the level of production, warehouse, quality, administration, HR, etc.

Skill and competences

In my opinion, both the soft and specific skills to do the job successfully are self-confidence, being a people person, being responsible, optimistic, organized, having dexterity when doing the job, etc.


Apart from my academic training (F.P II administrative and commercial branch), throughout my professional career I have received different training depending on the job that I have been performing at all times, such as:
- Foreign trade technician
- Dimensional metrology and verification
- Accounting
- Management of collections and delinquencies in companies
- Business management course
- Forklift course


The main motivation in my work is that with the passage of time I acquire new knowledge and responsibilities that make my work dynamic and not monotonous. It also motivates me to have a direct relationship with the managers and colleagues of each section as well as with the clients.
My work makes me commit myself above all to meeting the client's delivery deadline and satisfying it, not considering having to make sacrifices for it.
What it takes to be successful, in my opinion, is attitude and aptitude.
The greatest benefit is enrichment as a person.
The challenge in my case is to lead men who have never had a woman as their superior, since it is the first time in this company that they have faced this situation.
I would recommend this job to other women because I think it is totally compatible with being a woman.
My main advice to other women to enter this field is not to feel different for being a woman, to be clear that we are perfectly capable of assuming this type of position as long as we feel like it and get 100% involved.