Association of the Basque Country and Navarre (AFV)


The Foundry Association of the Basque Country and Navarre (AFV) is the representative body, to manage and defend the common interests of companies in a traditional Sector in the Basque Country, the Foundry Sector. AFV belongs to FEAF which is recognized by all Administrations as the representative of the Foundry Sector in Spain, and also member of the European Foundry Association (CAEF). FEAF groups together 139 associated companies of which 100 are foundries and 39 foundry suppliers.



FONDO FORMACION EUSKADI (FFE) is a non formal VET center whose mission is the development of people and improvement of organizations. FFE is located in the Basque Country, with more than 30 years of experience in occupational and continuous vocational training for employees and unemployed, people at risk of social exclusion; consultancy and advisory to companies; management by competences and employment training plans; local development projects; professional guidance and advisory and support to learning. FFE has a wide experience in transnational cooperation projects and collaborates very closely with the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, the Basque Government, Regional Governments, Municipalities and public agencies.



The Portuguese Foundry Association (APF), officially created on February 25 , 1964, is a private, nationwide organization that brings together the most representative Portuguese foundries and, in terms of production, it covers about 90% of all castings manufactured in Portugal. Presently, the Portuguese Foundry Association gathers companies, managers and workers in the field of foundry and related industries and regularly organizes Congresses (the 19th will be held on May 14, 2020), some of which at the international level.



CINFU is the Professional Training Center of the Foundry Industry, that was created on April 24, 1981 by protocol signed between IEFP - Institute of Employment and Vocational Training and the Portuguese Foundry Association, with the mission of valuing the sector, namely through the training and professional qualification of its human resources. It promotes training in specific areas of foundry and also in transversal ones such as Quality, Safety and Health at Work, Environment, Production Management, Continuous Improvement, Languages, Informatics or Behavioral.

Inthecity Project Development

The Netherlands

Inthecity Project Development is a creative multimedia agency. Its team of “digital storytellers” incorporates recognised and proven expertise in filmmaking, animation, web design and development, event video production, and social media. The company’s specialization is in discovering diverse real-life experiences and bringing the stories to life so they can reach a wide audience with the original message and spirit of the experience.



POINT is operating in two main activity fields:

  • Engineering Works and Services
  • ICT & Project Administration

Engineering is the core business field of POINT since the activities had started in 1977. Company operates in different fields; design, build and design-build projects have been realised internationally. ICT based projects, applications and solutions together with need and supply models have been developed for overcoming employment problems of disabled and disadvantaged people as well as SME’s and adults from various disciplines, since 1999, when first virtual employment portal was introduced to the audience.

AHBV University (Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University)


Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University, was born from the Gazi University that established in 1926 and is one of Turkey's first educational institution. Founded on May 18, 2018 in accordance with the Higher Education Law No. 7141, AHBV University continues its activities with its 94 years of education experience as well as its assurance of strong academic staff and physical infrastructure. As of today, AHBV University, with 9 Faculty, 3 vocational school of higher education, 3 Colleges and 1 conservatory is one of the most experienced, youngest, qualifications higher education institution in the Turkey.